Brad Pitt-produced HBO miniseries about Lewis and Clark to shoot in southern Alberta

“This has been in the works for many years,” said the source. ” … It will have a very large budget.”

Calgary Herald

An HBO miniseries chronicling the story of American explorers Lewis and Clark will be shot in southern Alberta later this year, the Calgary Herald has learned.

A source close to the production who did not want to be identified confirmed that the project will be largely shot here, with pre-production beginning in mid-February. There will be a 10 to 12-week shoot in Alberta, although specific dates and locations are not known at this time. Other locations include Georgia and Vancouver, the source said.

The miniseries has an all-star group behind the scenes according to Internet Movie Database, which lists actors Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as producers and Tom Hanks as an executive producer.

Oscar-nominated actor Casey Affleck will star as Meriweather Lewis. No other casting details have been announced. Rumours that the project was headed to Alberta have circulated for years, but heated up recently when casting calls were put out in October for aboriginal actors in…

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