Kickstarter Says Today’s 2-Hour Long Outage Wasn’t Pebble’s Fault


Kickstarter says that the roughly two-hour long outage that took place today was unrelated to the massive traffic sent to its service by those backing the Pebble smartwatch’s latest, and now record-breaking, campaign. According to a company spokesperson, it was only a coincidence that the Kickstarter website went down today, even though yesterday was one of the company’s “biggest traffic days ever,” they noted.

The company first publicly acknowledged the site issues around noon Eastern today via a tweet, after a number of users took to Twitter to complain about the popular crowdfunding site being unresponsive, and showing a “503 Service Unavailable” page upon visiting the domain.

The most popular theory we saw, which some news outlets, including CNBC, even hinted at, was that the service buckled under the load of traffic that Pebble backers sent the site over the…

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