The GOP’s newest presidential hopeful wants them to stop talking about social issues

Good luck with that…


ISIS, the size of government, and the economy make up the message from the Republican Party’s newest presidential candidate: former New York Gov. George Pataki.

That’s not all that different from the rest of the GOP presidential field, which will swell to nine by the beginning of next week. Where Pataki will stand out from his Republican counterparts is on social issues, which remain an increasingly important barometer for GOP voters in early-voting states.

But Pataki has been critical of his party’s focus on social issues — and he’s warned his counterparts that continuing to emphasize issues like gay marriage and abortion will only aid likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Defeating Islamic terrorists, shrinking government, growing the economy — these are the issues that matter most,” Pataki said in a video released last month by a super PAC that was formed to support his presidential bid. “These are the issues…

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