Could fantasy become reality for legalized sports betting?

Is their synergy between daily fantasy sports explosion and legal efforts to legalize sports betting.?


The increasing legitimacy of “fantasy” sports betting by professional sports leagues could ironically end up bolstering New Jersey’s federal appeal seeking to fully legalize sports gambling in that state. Judges set to rule on the state’s case as early as this Friday will need to consider, among other things, if the leagues’ attempt to block full legalization of sports gambling has more to do with protecting their newly minted fantasy gaming profits than it does with protecting the “integrity” of the game.

Given how blurry the line has become between fantasy and reality betting these days, the courts may end up granting New Jersey its wish, potentially opening up a pathway to the full legalization of sports gambling across the United States.

Once just a game reserved for serious sports nerds, fantasy sports have morphed into a multibillion dollar enterprise. Fantasy gaming companies, including FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as…

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