George Will Wonders if Trump’s Missing Tax Returns Are Connected to Russia…

Getty Image After the DNC email leak that led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, speculation has run rampant about how involved Donald Trump is with Russia, which the FBI is reportedly investigating in the leak. This is just another potential scandal in Trump’s notorious campaign, and includes his refusal to release his tax returns, which…

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Some People Are Moving to the U.S. Just For Medical Marijuana — Fortune

While some Americans may cross state borders to buy legal marijuana, some parents are traveling thousands of miles–spending months or years away from home–to get their children medical cannabis in the U.S. A small group of people, “international marijuana refugees,” are even immigrating to the U.S. in order to treat disorders associated with seizures for…

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Comedy Central? The Onion? (Nope: The Desperate GOP Establishment…)

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz has tapped former technology executive Carly Fiorina to serve as his running mate. The Texas senator plans to unveil his pick for vice president Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis. That’s according to a Republican with direct knowledge of Fiorina’s selection, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not…

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How Will Divergent Approaches To Sports-Related Gaming Issues Impact Macro eCommerce and Regulatory Approaches…?

October 29th, 2015 – Ian J. Imrich, Esq. 

The fantasy sports business in the US is largely unregulated. A handful of states have made it illegal to play fantasy sports for money and a few have laws making it expressly legal. None have in place a framework for regulating operators. Concurrently, traditional sports-betting (except for in a handful of States –notably Nevada) is illegal throughout the US.

On the one hand, the NBA has taken a progressive approach to regulatory measures for sports-related gaming activity in the US; meanwhile, the NFL maintains its vigorous opposition to legalization of traditional sports-betting, but seems to have painted itself into a corner regarding its contradictory and hypocritical “skill” arguments with respect to traditional sports-betting as compared and contrasted to fantasy sports betting of the daily, weekly, and other less than seasonal gaming.   See, e.g.,

FanDuel has now embraced State-by-State regulation in the US in order to protect DFS consumers while DraftKings appears ready to dig in (perhaps emboldened by 2 powerful NFL owner-investors?) and by all appearances will resist any efforts by States to regulate DFS — relying instead on trade association self-regulation. See,

Speaking of powerful sports-related owner-investors, recently, yet another NBA owner has joined two other NBA power-brokers on another sports-related venture: to wit, Ted Leonsis, who now owns the Wizards, the Capitals and Verizon Center, on last Tuesday announced that his Revolution Growth partnership is joining fellow NBA team owners Jordan, of the Charlotte ­Hornets, and Mark Cuban, of the Dallas Mavericks, in an investment in the Swiss technology firm ­Sportradar.

Sportradar collects data from more than 325,000 live sporting events across the planet, ranging from darts to tennis and from soccer to snooker.  Sportradar digests that data, then sells it to big media companies such as Google and Fox Sports, to fantasy sports leagues, and to gaming and gambling businesses. See,

In any event, with a convergence of sports-betting related investments and other strategic business alliances being forged whilst the consumers, media, and the government simultaneously review the DFS industries, it begs the question —  how will these dramatically divergent approaches to DFS (and to sports-betting in general) between two major sports leagues play out as the ongoing State and Federal investigations of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) ominously loom in the background…?

I guess all of us are about to find out…

Stay tuned!



A shift in Capitol Hill Internet gambling politics may be in the offing reports Gambling Compliance.

Changing Tack? A shift in Capitol Hill Internet gambling politics may be in the offing @CKrafik reported earlier today.  

Sources told @GamblingCompliance a proposal that would (i) mandate a federal study on Internet gambling and (ii) impose a moratorium on Internet gambling expansion in states that have yet to legalize the activity is being discussed as a possible alternative to the prohibitions set out in S1668 and HR707.

They note that such a proposal would appear to be in line with the recommendations of the Clinton-era National Gambling Impact Study Commission.

It bears noting that a potential US iGaming moratorium on further real money online gaming in all but 3 States which currently have such activity should not be underestimated; to wit, even if New Jersey, Nevada (which is poker-only), and Delaware evolve and become more robust eCommerce markets (a proposition which is doubtful at best) – a moratorium stopping larger States like New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and other larger States (even California which has to date been quite effective stopping itself with online gaming stakeholder in-fighting), the anticipated impact of new credit card codes as well as the expected entry of Poker Stars into New Jersey would likely be greatly minimized.

Thus, except for a few small States that would not be subject to the new prohibition, the moratorium on further online gaming expansion of any type into those populous US states with huge potential eCommerce markets and commensurate liquidity — particularly for peer to peer online poker activity —  would largely accomplish the primary goals of a full-scale Restoration of Wire Act (RAWA) prohibition that is presently controversial and not able to gain critical mass for passage on Capitol Hill.

Could a US federal moratorium on expanded online gaming accomplish most of what a failed RAWA prohibition could not achieve? Stay tuned…!

Oh Deary Dear now Donald Trump has really lost it… There goes the women vote too. 

Shifting from anti-Mexican rhetoric, now Donald Trump has turned to gender attacks on women. In response to reporter questions about a potential Vice Presidential running mate should he secure the GOP candidacy spot, Mr. Trump said, “well I know who it won’t be- Sarah Palin that’s for sure.”  As for why not, he dead-panned, “duh, girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider …” And then he left the room. However, most experts now predict that Mr. Trump’s GOP numbers will rise from No. 2 in the polls to No. 1 if the GOP nominee was selected at this time.